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Request Audio Description

In the dark ages before the internet, one way many collectors learned about items they were interested in was by discussing them with a dealer, either in a coin shop or at a coin show.

Although the internet has without doubt made shopping for rare coins a far more time-efficient experience, and allows collectors to shop online completely independently, it has to be said that online buyers don't benefit as much from the experience and knowledge that many dealers have in their field of expertise as collectors in "the olden days" used to.

The good news is that new technology now allows us to provide you with a spoken description of an item, recorded by a dealer that's experienced in the field. It isn't quite the same as having a conversation about an item, but it is a great way of learning the key points about an item without going to the extent of visiting a coin shop or show.

If you'd like to hear one of our dealers discuss the key points of one of the our products, feel free to use this form to request an audio description from one of our expert staff.

If you have any specific questions that you'd like to have addressed, please include them in the comments box and we'll be sure to include it.