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Proclamation and Colonial Coins

Just what is a "proclamation coin"?

In my opinion, the most practical application of the term “proclamation coin” is to use it to refer to the eleven coins listed by Governor King’s decree of November 19th, 1800, and to those ten coins alone.

Although it was neither the first nor the last pronouncement regarding currency issued between 1788 and 1825, Governor King’s edict of 1800 was easily the most comprehensive, and certainly the most widely referred to.

If this understanding is adopted, novice numismatists are able to use it as an entry point into the admittedly complex field of Australian colonial coinage.

You can read the transcript of a presentation I made to the Australian Numismatic Symposium, conducted by the Numismatic Association of Australia in 2005 by clicking this link.

You can look over a book that I've written on the subject of proclamation and colonial coins, available now in our online store here.


Very sharp in the fine details right across both sides.

Solid rims all the way around, flashes of lustre to boot.

This coin was never struck for circulation, and is only available... read more


The outline of the portrait remains clear and the planchet is... read more

Even chocolate patina, devoid of wear and strong rims.

A superb example of the largest coin struck by Great Britain.... read more


Just a hint of friction across the high points.



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