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Set of Four 2015 Money Expo Privy Mark $1 Coins in Album

Set of Four 2015 Money Expo Privy Mark $1 Coins in Album

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A superbly-presented set of the Money Expo $1 coins for 2015.

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Set of Four 2015 Money Expo Privy Mark $1 Coins in Album

A superbly-presented set of these special Expo $1 coins.

These coins are some of the most popular in the area of decimal numismatics - more people collect carded coins than any other decimal coin product. The product of an enduring series, starting with the Barcelona dollars back in 1992, and continues 2 decades later. They are affordable, interesting and often challenging.

A subset of the carded dollar coin series is the annual set of $1 coins that the Royal Australian Mint (RAM) strikes for exclusive release at the ANDA Money Expos. There's always an air of excitement when each show approaches - and many of the coins have completely sold out.

Easy for non-collectors to appreciate - and perfect as a gift to the kids/grand-kids. Even a non-collector can appreciate that a special coin with a letter on it is quite different to the type of coin they get in their change, when it's in a coloured card it makes it harder to split out and spend at the tuck shop. Who knows, with this set, you may get them to start collecting.

2015 was the first year the RAM has decided to use the "Mob of Roos" $1 coin design on the series of privy-marked coins released at the major numismatic events held throughout the year.

The images at the top of this page show the first page of the folder, and the second image shows each coin that the RAM struck from the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Expos, each in a presentation card, with the privy-mark of the first letter of the city above the "A" in "DOLLAR"