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2017 Pocket Guide To Coins & Banknotes 23rd Edition Book By Greg McDonald

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2017 Pocket Guide To Coins & Banknotes 23rd Edition Book By Greg McDonald

No Australian coin collector should be without it.

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2017 Pocket Guide To Coins & Banknotes 23rd Edition Book By Greg McDonald

Softcover, 496 pages, hundreds of full-colour images included

The essential collector's guide to the value of all Australian coins and banknotes - no collector should be without it.

2017 Pocket Guide To Coins & Banknotes 23rd Edition Book By Greg McDonald

The Pocket Guide to Australian Coins & Banknotes became a mainstay of Australian numismatics in 1993, and for many years has been the "bible" of Australian coin and banknote values.

While for many collectors it may not hold the same position now as it used to, it really does remain essential reading.

The 2017 edition lists each and every single coin associated with Australia between 1788 and today, and also includes full-colour images that help collectors easily identify items that are in their collection.

Updated With New Research In Specialized Areas:

Such is the reach of the Pocket Guide that as new research is conducted into a specialized field of numismatics, it's included in the Pocket Guide for collectors to make use of.

A few examples of the specialized research that's now included is:

  • A listing of the different obverse and reverse die types of the 1813 NSW "Dump" (fifteen pence);

  • Descriptions of the tokens issued for the Keeling Cocos Islands; as well as

  • Detailed listings of the first and last prefixes seen on Australia's pre-decimal and decimal currency banknotes.

Lots Of Detail In Each Area - The Power Of Cherry Picking

Collectors in the US have coined the phrase "cherry picking" to describe the ability some collectors have to identify rare varieties of certain coins or notes that other collectors or dealers have missed. The first step to being able to do this is to learn just what to look for, once you have that information "cherry picking" can be very lucrative indeed.

The Pocket Guide seems to have covered each area in a lot more detail than the Rennik's book has, while that level of data might be off-putting for some collectors, it really will be perfect for those collectors that like to really get into the nuts and bolts of the series they're into.

A Directory of Who's Who

A couple of the other additional features of the Pocket Guide that truly are beneficial to collectors are the display advertisements for dealers and auction houses around the country, as well as the index of advertisers at the rear of the book.

Any keen collector will tell you that if a few simple ads helps keep the cover price down then it's a very small price to pay indeed.

I know that when I first subscribed to coin and banknote magazines or reference books from overseas, I'd pore over each and every advert with a view to touching base with dealers that specialised in my area of interest. It's not like I could find these dealers in the Yellow Pages either, so adverts like that certainly do help collectors touch base with dealers that can help them either by selling or buying.

As always, values for each and every section of Australian numismatics have been updated - no collector should be without it.