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We buy coins. We buy banknotes. We buy all coins and banknotes. Whether you have one coin for sale that's worth a million dollars or a million coins for sale worth a dollar each, we'll buy them!

Getting a quote from us is easy:

1. Let us know what you have by email; fax or phone.

2. Our expert staff will value your collection, and determine the best way to sell it. We'll get back to you promptly with figures and a sales strategy.

3. If you agree with our recommendations, you either bring the collection to our premises; we pick it up from you or you send it to us through the mail. (Provided certain steps are followed, our insurance can fully cover packages sent to us from anywhere in the world - perfect if you're located outside Perth.)

4. Once we confirm the contents of your collection, we'll confirm our offer straight away and will arrange for immediate payment - cash; cheque; direct deposit or PayPal - whatever you want.

Contact our experts right now to find out just how much you'll get for your collection.

If you would like to purchase a book that will assit you in valuing your collection of coins and banknotes then please click this link.

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